In May, 2001, inspired from experiences at the Quebec City Summit of the Americas, and the violence facing social justice activists internationally, Chris Brown mobilized and galvanized many of his colleagues and friends in the music and social activist community to create GASCD.

All the participants support the purpose of GASCD; being to highlight the social and Mario environmental impact of corporate globalization.

The GASCD album was established to raise money and to distribute all profits to groups working in matters of social and environmental justice. The album saw release in 13 countries, and created a new paradigm of fundraising - given directly to groups to sell on the frontlines of events for immediate profit. Recipients to date have included The Quebec Legal Collective, Corpwatch The Nation Free Speech TV and Radio Gap.

All of the artists, social activists, and record companies donated their works for free. Sonic.You can see a list of all participants below, and read Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein's liner notes.

Chris Brown continues applying his musical work to social and environmental justice, including his series of compilations for the Waterkeeper begun in 2007.

"You want this!"
-- Johnson Cummings, Mirror Online

"...a host of compelling, less-famous artists, with few dull moments. Among the highlights: Rheostatics' jagged, Neil Young-style lament "Bad Time to Be Poor"; thundering hard rock from Bionic, "A Political Song for Danko Jones to Sing"; and Bill Frisell's breathtaking, eight-minute version of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On?" Add radical spoken-word tracks from Nikki Giovanni and Gil Scott-Heron, and you've got a soundtrack suitable for solitary reflection or collective action."
-- Jon Young, Mother Jones

"There've been a higher amount than usual of activist CDs this year (as opposed to charity CDs for the usual cuddly causes), perhaps thanks to our delightful invasion of a sovereign country not too far away from Turkey, and Jeux de voiture GASCD is perhaps the best example of the format yet ... there's plenty here for the discerning americana listener despite the range of styles ultimately contained within. With a forword by Naomi Klein and a recommendation from Gore Vidal, it's like John Pilger with a sugar coating and even avoids feeling like the hard work that a lot of activism is."
-- Mark Whitfield, Americana UK

"The contextualization makes this more relevant than any browbeating, post-Sept. 11 tribute record; this one is made by artists with perpetual peripheral vision."
-- Michael Barclay, Eye Weekly

"Whatever your politics, there's little to find fault with musically."
-- Alan Downes,

GASCD Tracks

  1. Sylvain Lamoureux - The Geese
  2. Ani DiFranco - Your Next Bold Move
  3. Rheostatics - Bad Time To Be Poor
  4. Olu Dara - Red Ant
  5. Gordon Downie - Trick Rider
  6. Jello Biafra - Spoken Word
  7. Sex Mob - Black and Tan Fantasy
  8. Bruce Cockburn - Call It Democracy
  9. Scotty Hard - Diurnal
  10. site web
  11. Propaghandi - Todays Empire, Tomorrow's Ashes
  12. Maude Barlow - Spoken Word
  13. Chris Brown and Kate Fenner - How You Gonna Bring Your Children To God
  14. Tony Scherr - Food For News
  15. Michael Franti - Oh My God
  16. Interferences Sardine - Un Nescalier
  17. Gil Scott-Heron - Work For Peace
  18. Nikki Giovanni - Nothing Makes Sense
  19. Clark Gayton - Glad I Found My Religion
  20. David Suzuki - Spoken Word
  21. The Tragically Hip - Putting Down
  22. Sarah Harmer - 1st Lady
  23. musique gratuite en ligne
  24. Christian Doscher - Straight Lines
  25. DJ Serious - Trap Doors
  26. Barenaked Ladies - Sell, Sell, Sell
  27. Andrew Whiteman - Thot Provoker
  28. Bionic - A Political Song for Danko Jones
  29. Dinner is Ruined - Funk Asylum
  30. Free Radicals - Bombs Burst Brightly On the Lawn
  31. Jason Collett - Bitter Beauty
  32. Chris Brown - The Shot Across The Bow
  33. David Suzuki - Spoken Word
  34. Bill Frisell - Whats Going On